Silo Weighing & Silo Safety Systems

UKAS17025 Accreditation for Calibration

Bulk Silos, Weigh Vessels & Safety Systems

You'll understand the importance of silo weighing in product control, dispensing and stock level management. 

Whether your silo is used for storing crop, powder, granules, aggregate or liquid, Trent Scales is able to provide accurate and reliable weighing apparatus to help you manage your product. 

The majority of bulk silos and weigh vessels provided by Trent Scales are bespoke to meet the individual requirements of each project.
Fabricated in mild or stainless steel, the size and characteristics of each silo or storage weigh vessel is tailored to meet the scale of the operation and the characteristics of the stored product, from small 2kg weigh vessels to large 100 tonne silos.

A Silo Safety System safeguards against the damage caused by the overfilling or over pressurisation of your silo as well as controls the emisission of particles into the environment.

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